Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Year, New Projects

Hello, friends!
I hope everyone has had a lovely holiday season so far and that you continue to relax and enjoy the gifts and goodies that remain. For my part, I got a HUGE influx of coffee mugs--four to be exact, and Bob's makes five--but it's been really cold outside (delightfully cold!) so I'm using two to three per day. I also got some books and a bunch of Doctor Who much I think I'm going to create a sci-fi shrine somewhere in the apartment now. I also made a trip to Hobby Lobby and got a bunch of cheap Christmas ornaments for next year. But first let's focus on the 363 days before that.
Sometime in October, I believe, I stumbled across The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin in the library. I had heard it mentioned, but didn't give it much thought; the familiarity of the title struck a chord with me, however, and after flipping through a few pages, I checked it out. I also canvassed her website,, and needless to say, I was inspired. Like Gretchen, I am not unhappy as I am--I have a lovely apartment, a perfect match of a husband, a loving family, a standoffish cat, a job I love, and so much more--but I think I could be putting forth more effort to enjoy what I have.
I'm going to follow the format of Gretchen's project, which is to give each month of the next year a focus (marriage, family, gratitude, etc.) and make resolutions to help me experience the most happiness within my focus area. The resolutions build on each other, though, meaning that if I have 3 resolutions in January and 3 new ones in February, that I should actually strive to follow all 6 in February. I feel that I've found a kindred spirit in Gretchen Rubin, because she likes to make lists and check things off and even take notes on books she reads for no reason other than she likes taking notes--I had no idea anybody else did that. She wants recognition, or "gold stars" for doing good work, but struggles to give out those same stars to others (me, too.) If I could meet this woman, I think we'd be able to talk nonstop from dawn to dusk without taking a breath and still each make a list of talking points for the next meeting. (She also loves children's literature, but I can't imagine who wouldn't.)
Anyway, the point of this post is to warn you that I'm about to embark upon my own happiness project. I'll get into more specifics when I can, and I'll try to be consistent about updates, something that I'm absolutely terrible at right now. But alas, the new year and my new project shall begin soon, which means I have oodles of preparation and lists and notes and books to keep me busy.
Happy dead-time-between-Christmas-and-New-Year's, my friends!

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