Saturday, January 5, 2013

Quick January Progress Update!

Hello friends, I just want to update you on the progress of my Happiness Project during its first week.

You may recall that my resolutions all revolved around organizing my life and keeping track of things. Well, so far I've done okay: 15/20 possible check marks. Going to bed on time and my evening tidy-up have been the two that have tripped me up the most. I'm thinking I may need a more specific resolution than my first one, "streamline and organize." It's too vague, and I need to make it more specific. Not sure why I didn't do that in the first place, but oh well.

I have several focus areas for my streamlining and organizing now, though, and I just finished taking my "before" pictures. I have pics of my desk, our bookcase area (because it overflows), our buffet/counter in the kitchen, the pantry, and the fridge. I was initially going to do the bookcase today, following Gretchen Rubin's rule to "go shelf by shelf," but I'm going to have to switch to the desk first because there is something important that I need to find.

I keep telling myself that I might not get it all done today (the desk--I know I won't get the whole apartment finished) but my goals are to find that important thing, make sure all our bills are currently paid up, and purge extraneous paper. Wish me luck, friends, and I'll leave you with this quote for inspiration; it's something I should probably have blown up and made into a poster to hang above my desk: "Organize, don't agonize." --Nancy Pelosi

P.S. As I get finished with an area, I'll post about it, including the "before" and "after" pictures.

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