Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I promise I haven't abandoned this blog!

To those of you who check my blog on occasion (probably not many unless I share the post on Facebook) I promise I haven't abandoned or forgotten it. I actually have a list of things to write about, as well as a graphic organizer listing subtopics and specific anecdotes to share. The thing is, I have to really be in a blogging mood. I apologize if I spoiled you in the beginning by posting almost every day. That, however, is just my personality. I get obsessive over things for short bursts of time (one of the blog topics on my list) and then completely abandon them until the urge strikes again. There has also been quite a lot of adjustment lately with Bob moving home, because that means I'm spending the majority of the free time we have in common with him. My free time, which takes up most of my days, is spent alternating between moping and being depressed over being jobless, and being so overzealously excited about a new listing that it doesn't occur to me that I might not get the job--until I don't, and then I get depressed again. I don't want to think about how many wonderful teachers out there are doubting both their career choice and their ability due to the {expletive} economy and the fact that the people in charge of budgeting and rule-making in education have no idea what education really is.

That's all for now, but rest assured, I WILL blog again. Maybe one day I will even have a blogging schedule, with topics mapped out ahead of time! Ooh, that means I get to make a chart.... *scurries off to make a schedule which will get buried under other desk junk and unearthed in a frenzy, then thrown away in a fit of self-loathing for never following through on creative projects*

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